A Service Request is something that a user would like to have IT perform or create on their behalf.  In many cases, this would take the form of a cloud or internal resource that a user would like to use.  For example, they may need a virtual machine for their project.  By creating a Service Request, they can describe what type of virtual machine they need, where they would like it deployed, and how long they will need it.

By creating a Service Request, Concierge can manage any approvals that are required before IT should create the resource.  Concierge has powerful workflow technology so that Service Request Reviews are solicited and gathered from approvers.  For example, Concierge can get approval from a user's manager.  Or, from at least 3 people who have the Reviewer role within Concierge.  Or, from all users in an ordered, sequential approval list.

Concierge also tracks who owns IT resources, and can manage changes to those resources over time, or transfers of the resources to another user.  And Service Resources can have a finite lifetime.  At the end of the lifetime, users have to give them up or request an extension.  IT never has to wonder who is using a given resource, or whether it is still in use.

However Service Requests could be more transient.  Perhaps they need an update made on their information in the company directory service or Office 365.  They won't end up "using" this service, but by creating a Service Request, IT can use Concierge as a form of Help Desk solution to manage user requests.